Two Print Items That Are Never Going Out of Style

by Erica, May 8, 2019

In the Digital Age we live in, you often hear about print items becoming obsolete. While there are some print items that are becoming less popular, there are two items that we think will stand the test of time.

1. Calendars and Planners – Yes, every single one of us may have a calendar on our phones, but physical planners offer advantages that phones will never have.

With print planners, you can quickly jot down an event, its time, and any additional notes. On the other hand, a phone requires opening and editing all those sections individually.

Wall calendars offer other advantages. For example, they create the perfect “central station” for your family. It’s a great place to come together and discuss what is coming up in the week ahead.

2. Business Cards – Business cards make information exchanges easy and professional.

The best thing about business cards is that your information is all correct and in the same place. Without a business card, you would spend a lot of time spelling out your email and, as a result, less time networking.

Additionally, like planners, business cards typically have space available to jot down some notes. These note can be helpful down the road when connecting names with resources.